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Top 6 Shoes You Need This Summer

Top 6 Shoes You Need This Summer

12 Oct 2022

Top 6 Shoes You Need This Summer

By James Shackell

We’ll always have a weakness for men’s winter shoes—chunky military boots are our kryptonite—but summer shoes have their own appeal, too. This is the season of sandals, loafers, espadrilles, driving shoes, and boat shoes on actual boats. Anything that lets your ankles fly in the breeze is okay in our book. But in the interests of saving wardrobe space, we’ve pulled together seven crucial styles you need for summer—and that’s it. These are our go-to men’s summer shoes.


One good pair of men’s sneakers could see you through the whole of summer. We could almost throw out the rest of this list. You want something sharp, something effortless, and something that can transition from lunch-in-the-park to wine-bar-at-sunset. We recommend either our DECO 2.0 sneaker, for that slightly boxy, streetwear kind of vibe, or the VANCE, with its relaxed, 1980s retro feel. Classic black is always a safe bet for sneakers—it goes with everything—but, tan, navy and grey are also great for summer. Style these with cotton shorts or high-cuffed tan chinos, or dress them down with boardshorts and crew neck tee. Check out our Leather Sneakers 101 guide for more information.


For summer garden parties and smart casual events, you need something a bit dressier than sneakers. Loafers fill the gap nicely. They’re light, soft and supple, and you can kick them off under the table without anyone noticing. Our PENLEY penny loafers are the classic choice here (not too fancy, no distractions or tassels), but don’t be afraid to experiment with materials and styles. A white linen shirt and a pair of leather ALBERTO loafers practically screams summer Pimm’s cup. When styling men’s loafers, think breezy: that means no socks (or at least invisible sockettes), cotton shorts, linen shirts and polos. If you’re thinking summer pants, go for straight cut or slim-fit with a nice clean double cuff.

Driving Shoes

Sneakers too casual? Loafers too formal? Choose something in-between, like good-quality leather driving shoes. These are our go-to pick for long summer roadtrips: they make driving incredibly comfortable, and they look damn good when you step out of the car. For fancy wineries and distillery visits, try something smart, like the DAYTONA in brandy, or the BALFORT 2.0. For lunch in the park with your mates, dress things down with suede—maybe the DAYTONA in rust brown, or some navy COUNTY driving shoes. Don’t forget: no socks with driving shoes, unless they’re invisible ones, and the same basic style rules apply to driving shoes and loafers. Loose crew tees, simple indigo jeans, slim-fit chinos and cotton shorts all work well.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are also known as ‘deck shoes’, but you don’t need a boat, or a deck, to make them work. These are possibly the most timeless men’s summer shoe—buy a pair of these, and look after them, and they’ll never go out of style. We recommend pairing boat shoes with cotton chino shorts or cuffed chino pants. You want to look effortlessly cool, go-with-the-flow, like you just stepped off your yacht in Saint-Tropez. For boat shoe novices, stick with something simple and elegant. When you’re ready to kick things up a notch, try the tan MANLY (our personal favourite) or the SPINNAKER. We’ve got a more comprehensive guide over here, if you’ve interested.


No list of men’s summer shoes would be complete with espadrilles. These are the casual, rope-soled slip-on shoes you see on the feet of movie stars and yacht owners. But they’re geat for day-to-day summer wear, too. A pair of COTTESLOE espadrilles with navy chino shorts and a white button-up shirt is an easy summer win, but you can also dress down white espadrilles with khaki shorts and a grey crew-neck tee. If you’re thinking jeans, go for a light wash and some gentle wear on the denim – nothing too starchy, dark or clean cut. Espadrilles are all about laid back summer evenings and long walks on the beach. You get the idea.

Sandals and Slides

There’s nothing wrong with a good pair of summer thongs, but leather sandals and slides can get you into places that thongs just can’t. We’re talking cocktail parties, fancy beer gardens and al fresco wineries, where thongs will seriously turn heads (and not in a good way). A pair of NEO sandals in charcoal or taupe is a great place to start. All these need are some tonal linen shorts and a button-up shirt. Or you could go something slightly more casual, like the JOHAN or SVEN. Try these with navy swim shorts, a linen shirt and vintage sunnies. That outfit’s got beer garden written all over it. You can also wear slides with chinos and jeans – just remember to keep your pants slim, neat and cuffed.