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Why This Boot Has Been A Best Seller For 10 YEARS.

Why This Boot Has Been A Best Seller For 10 YEARS.

13 May 2024

Why This Boot Has Been A Best Seller For 10 YEARS.

By Aquila

Why This Boot Has Been A Best Seller For 10 YEARS.

Generations of Craftmanship

Our signature Chelsea boot is made each season in a small factory in Tuscany, Italy. They're a family business like us, and one of the best in the industry. Their craft has been handed down through the generations – which means the Osbourne is crafted by the very best.

Unmatched Leather

We’ve taken the best leather – Italian calf – and put it through three premium processes to make it a dream to wear, with a finish that will only get better over time. First, the leather has been vegetable tanned, which instead of using manmade chemicals to tan the leather, it uses tannins extracted from vegetable matter like tree bark for a more environmentally friendly result. The vegetable tanning process also uses overall less water consumption, over 50% of water is saved in the process. Heavy metals, harmful chemicals and thermoplastics are also eliminated, instead opting for biodegradable materials.

We’ve dipped the uppers for the Osbourne in large vats of dye in a process called Dip Dying. As the pores of the leather vary from piece to piece, some areas absorb more dye than others, leading to varied colour depth and tone. The leather upper is run through industrial washing machines then allowed to dry naturally to give it an unbelievably smooth hand-feel and a vintage, worn look that only gets better with age.

It's Whats Inside That Counts

While the Osbourne is a celebration of traditional Italian craftsmanship, we have made sure we have included some modern innovation to better suit our busy modern lives. Typically, when you take a new pair of shoes out of the box for the first time, they're rigid. The soles are made of stiff materials like fibreboard, which take many wears to slowly soften up. We've scrapped the fibreboard, and instead used leathers most brands would only reserve for a shoes upper to make our innersole. This means, from the very first wear, our boot is lightweight and flexible on your foot - it's like they have already been worn in.

As we went all out with the premium materials and finishes on the upper, we couldn’t forget about the sole. We’ve used a hard wearing leather on the sole, which allows your feet to breath and keep cool and dry throughout the day. This leather sole has been glued then Blake-stitched to the upper – meaning it’s secured twice for extra durability.


The Osbourne represents our continuous commitment to sustainability. It's made using 100% locally sourced materials which are put together by industry experts. This ensures the boot is not only flexible, but more sustainably conscious. The innersole used in the Osbourne is made entirely out of leather traditionally used to make uppers, this means these boots will have that worn-in feel from the first time you slip them on. The Osbourne boasts our commitment to sustainable practices without compromise on quality and calibre.

Our signature Osbourne boots has had many names over the years – Osbourne, Grimley, Gleason, but the fundamentals that make it great have stayed the same. Each season our range of boots and Chelsea boots are unbeatable, but each season our Italian Made Chelsea boot is the cream of the crop. Why, you ask? Here are the reasons the Osbourne has earned its title of King of Boots, and deserves a place in your wardrobe.

How to Wear The Osbourne

The luxe but minimal design of the Osbourne really makes it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. It can move from casual to dressed up, work to weekend, day to night without any issues.

The boot finishes slightly above the ankle, meaning its easy enough to wear with everything from your favourite denim to cuffed chinos.

For work we pair our black Osbournes with a pair of tailored chinos and a buttoned up shirt – and we will throw on a blazer if we need a little extra polish. Casual Fridays (and the drinks afterwards) mean a pair of dark denim with our TD Moro Osbournes and a knit. Date night, Sunday lunch with the family, that engagement party you have on the calendar – once you add the Osbournes to your wardrobe, you’ll find it hard to see an event they don’t suit.