What is Sacchetto Construction?

What is Sacchetto Construction?

13 Jul 2020

What is Sacchetto Construction?

By Aquila

The Sachetto Construction draws on our Italian heritage – it focuses on creating a shoe that both looks AND feels incredible. To explain it in short – Sachetto translates to ‘little bag’ – so basically it feels like a slipper but it looks like a shoe you can wear outside of the house. Sold yet?

How are shoes with the Sachetto Construction made?

With this technique, the shoe upper and lining are completely rolled into a tube and then stitched to the outsole. This means the foot doesn’t get into contact with the sole, but only with the soft leather of the shoe upper.

The stitching is then positioned at the very edge of the shoe – this avoids any discomfort from irritating seams. Another plus of this construction is we also get shoes with high flexibility, giving them that ‘already worn in’ feel.

How does the Sachetto Construction feel?

The Sachetto Construction gives our shoes a unique softness, without depriving the structure; the lining covers the whole foot and is made of a piece of soft leather – imagine it like a bag covering the foot. The inner sole then makes way to a leather piece stitched to the lining.


So, whats the difference between the Sachetto construction and a normal construction?

Regular shoemaking, usually requires an insole, glue and metal attachments to construct their shoes. These separate elements require rigid fixing – all of which reduce flexibility, softness and wearability of the shoe.

With the Sachetto Construction, we remove all of those rigid elements and create a soft slipper like shoe – that looks just as good as your favourite shoe. Light and flexible, Sacchetto shoes allow for a more natural foot movement, making them ideal for walking or wearing for long hours. Breathability is also a benefit of having no synthetic insole fabrics or glues in contact with the foot.