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Five Ways To Wear Aquila's Signature Boot

Five Ways To Wear Aquila's Signature Boot

06 Jul 2021

Five Ways To Wear Aquila's Signature Boot

By Aquila

Every man wants a shoe that does it all. Something you can wear for every event in your calendar without a second's thought. The Osbourne 2.0 comes pretty close. We designed the Osbourne 2.0 to be the most versatile shoe in your collection. Although the structure of the Osbourne 2.0 upholds the most premium quality, the real reason we love it so much is the versatility this Chelsea boots offers.

But First, What Makes It So Great?

The Osbourne Boots has been a best selling style here at Aquila for over 10 years. Why you ask? Because it takes the very best Italian leathers and craft, and melds it with a sleek, modern design perfect for our busy lifestyles. Made in Italy from buttery soft, Italian calf leather that has been dip-dyed for a one-of-a-kind finish, it's finished on a flexible, lightweight leather sole with a rubber insert.

So take our word for it - the Osbourne is the feather in the cap of the Aquila collection. But while its premium features make it stand out from the pack, it's the Osbourne 2.0's versatility that really makes this boot a classic. Here are the five ways you can easily style the Osbourne to get the most wear out of this signature style.

1. The Osbourne In The Office

It’s a hard job finding the perfect shoe for work. Whether you’re rushing around on your feet all day seeing clients or you're stationed behind a desk 9-5, we all want something comfortable that doesn't compromise on style.

If your office is on the conservative style, you'll be looking for a shoe that is sharp and sophisticated to go with your tailoring. The Osbourne is a really on-trend choice here. The chiselled toe and clean lines make it perfect to wear with suiting. Pair the black Osbourne 2.0's with your greys and charcoals, or TDM, Tobacco and Oxblood with anything blue.

2. At Formal Occasions

Although we wish they were, suits aren’t seasonal, (but luckily) neither are Chelsea boots. Weddings, work functions and special events happen all year long, so it’s important to be prepared for when that invitation hits your mailbox. Throw on a pair of tailored pants and a blazer with your new Osbourne 2.0's for a modern alternative to a classic dress shoe.

3. The Cocktail Dress Code

Cocktail attire is for when you need to look good, but not overdressed. You want to impress, and your outfit needs to be just right. If your style is more on the modern side, neatly roll up the hem of tailored pants a little to showcase the high-top boot - or keep rolled down for a more traditional look. Pair with a crisp collared shirt and finish with a sports jacket or coat for the colder seasons. You’ll look effortlessly smart, and might even turn a few heads!

4. With Jeans - Dressed UP

Smart casual is a term we all hear regularly, and very few know how to dress appropriately. Smart casual is a step up from casual, and a step down from cocktail. Bars, first dates, anniversaries, dinner with the in-laws, events where you still need to look sharp, but not overdressed. Pair your Osbourne 2.0 with chinos, a crisp t-shirt and a jacket. Think basic items we all have in our closet. You’ll look smart without even trying.

5. With Jeans - Dressed DOWN

There’s not a lot that’s better than a relaxing weekend. Cruising the markets or going out for brunch - it’s what we all look forward to. Unfortunately, we can’t live in our sneakers - some weekends call for a more impressive dress code. Introducing our all-time favourite Osbourne 2.0 look. It's time to pull out your most loved denim and chuck on a t-shirt. They bring an element of polish to even the most basic of jeans and tee combos.