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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Wearing Socks

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Wearing Socks

07 Mar 2024

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Wearing Socks

By Josh Bozin

There is a misconception amongst men that socks are just that; socks. They are functional accessories to keeping your feet warm, right?  

To quell these common mistakes, take a read of the sock no-no's and how to correctly pair your different types of socks with the outfits you sport.

Mistake #1: White socks

White socks are for the gym and should never be worn unless you are participating in physical activity or a very casual event calls for it. Essentially, they are sport socks. Laugh if you want, but it's a common mistake we see all the time, not knowing when to wear white socks.

Deco 2.0 Forest Sneakers worn casually with white socks

Mistake #2: Wearing any socks with dress shoes

Dress Shoes should always be worn with dress socks. It is not OK to wear sports socks of any colour, even black, with business shoes.

Sports socks are usually ribbed and made of a heavier cotton material and the bulkiness of the heavier fabric tends to make it bunch over the dress shoe. Not to mention that ribbed gym socks will look ghastly against your stylish leather shoes.

Mistake #3: Colour coordination

The general rule on how to style socks 101, is that you should match your sock colour with your pants, and not your shoes. However, we have seen some great pant-sock-shoe coordinations that don't generally abide by this rule.

You want fluidity in your outfit so when you're sitting with your socks exposed, it's important to have a solid line of colour from your pants to your shoes. Wearing socks that don't match your pant colour will result in a garish break in your outfit. With the exception of casual wear or if you're using the juxtaposing sock colour as part of your statement ensemble, then black socks should go with black pants and navy socks with navy pants, etc.

Mistake #4: Exposed skin

If you’re flashing skin over the top of your socks, then they are too short. This includes showing flesh when you’re sitting; not cool.

In saying that, can you wear loafers with socks? We are big fans of ankle socks in the summer, with loafers or sneakers.

Light Grey Marle Socks worn with Osbourne 2.0 Oxblood Chelsea Boots

Mistake #5: No rolling or folding

Why would any man feel the need to scrunch or roll their socks down around their ankles?? It’s sloppy and reminiscent of a 9-year old boy in school uniform. As for folding your socks down, you add unnecessary bulk around the ankles, especially in slim pants. This begs the question, how to wear socks? Simply, wear your socks pulled straight up.

Mistake #6: Socks & shorts

You may be asking yourself, can you wear socks with shorts? Is this acceptable? If you are wearing shoes with shorts, then keep your socks as short as possible. Better still, get yourself a pair of no-show or invisible socks. They’re not just for the ladies. A visible sock line is not ideal.

Mistake #7 Novelty socks

Now. These types of socks are so 2010 and very unbecoming of a sophisticated, stylish man. Good sock etiquette is non-negotiable and now you know the rules of engagement, we expect you to never commit the same mistakes again.

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