Aquila is one of Australia’s most trusted mens footwear brands, renowned for its unique style, craftsmanship and integrity in the market for over 60 years. Founded in 1958, Aquila has a proud heritage sustained by a third generation of family members.

Aquila is on a journey to design and produce fashion more sustainably. Our team are focused on not only continuing our commitment to sustainable business practices, but on researching, implementing and enforcing new practices and initiatives as new information and opportunities become available.

We are committed to developing ethical working relationships with all our suppliers, ensuring our products are manufactured in conditions that are humane, safe, fair, and sustainable.



At Aquila we have a commitment towards fairness and equality for our People, our suppliers, and the communities surrounding us.

Our People

Aquila’s people are our greatest assets. We are committed to providing our people with the best working environments through providing an inclusive workplace, open feedback channels and increased learning and development opportunities.

Throughout their careers with us, our people have access to an online learning and development portal. This offers educational content on everything from product development, training, the environment, and our values. Our learning and development portal has been designed to give every team member, whether shop floor or head office, the opportunity to learn and develop both personally and professionally. 

Aquila’s Employee Experience Committee is focused on increasing the positive experience and engagement for all our employees. Our aim is to create a positive and engaging workplace where team members can thrive and develop, and where all voices are heard. All employees have been invited to participate in this committee.

Caring for our Greater Community

Wear for Success:
Aquila are proud supporters of ‘Wear for Success’, a not-for-profit organisation providing professional clothing and work skills training for those struggling on their journey back to work. These people include long-term unemployed, humanitarian migrants, people with mental health issues, indigenous Australians and young people. Aquila donates work-appropriate menswear, footwear and accessories to Wear for Success to style job-seekers for interviews. Our greatest pleasure is seeing real people’s transformations and success stories. Find out more about Wear for Success here.


At Aquila, we are committed to continuously working towards improving our traceability and standard of operating with our partners and products.

Our Partners

As a business, we care about who is making our products, where they are made and in what working environment. We work with skilled suppliers and international auditors to ensure all parties involved in the creation of Aquila products are providing a safe working environment, are paid a fair and legal wage, are not forced into working contracts, and have the right of association, union membership and collective bargaining.

When selecting supply partners, the following factors are considered before trade commences:

  • Employee conditions, including wages, minimum age requirements, working environment and treatment.

  • Skill of the workforce and ability to meet quality requirements.

  • Economic sustainability of the factory.

  • History and compliance with local, national and international laws and regulations.

  • Policies on environmental protection.

  • Equal opportunity in hiring, compensation, and treatment regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or disability.

Animal Welfare

Aquila is committed to working with our partners regularly to increase the traceability of our animal products. Aquila is 100% against the unethical treatment of animals. We endorse animal welfare and the minimisation of stress, harm or pain to animals.We expect the highest level of animal welfare as per best practice industry standards and require all animals be afforded the Five Freedoms, as recognised by the RSPCA:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst

  • Freedom from discomfort

  • Freedom from injury or disease

  • Freedom to express normal behaviour

  • Freedom from fear and distress

Aquila does not support animal testing of any kind. We observe all Australian customs regulations prohibiting the importation of exotic skins or threatened species:

  • All snake and crocodile treatments are produced using embossed technologies on cowhide, and are never produced using snake or crocodile products. 


Aquila takes our responsibility to the environment seriously. We are constantly striving to improve our systems and processes to reduce our environmental footprint and enhance sustainability.

Reduction of Waste

Aquila continually strives to improve sustainability and reduce waste in our packaging and across all business practices.

Our business has significantly reduced waste through the introduction of a paperless payroll and event system.

Aquila promotes, implements, and encourages the correct usage of recycling and green waste bins where possible. We are constantly working to educate our stores and partners around the regulations and importance of waste reduction and management.

All of Aquila’s Courier Satchels are recyclable and completely biodegradable, meaning less waste for our online customers.

All Aquila packaging, including Aquila shoe boxes, are made with quality, long lasting materials, and we are working towards providing clear labelling on all packaging promoting reuse and recycling. We are also making an effort to reduce the amount of packaging found inside our boxes, which ultimately protects the shoes from damage during transit.

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